Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose Press Release Jet?
A. Our clients tell us our distribution is significantly bigger than our competitors, and we are able to do it at 25% of the cost of the competition!

Q. How much do you charge?
A. Our press release distribution starts at $49 with our Premium Distribution. Our highest ROI package is our Premium Concierge package. Compare all packages

Q. Where does my press release go?
A. Your press release is guaranteed to go on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News and Bing News—but there is more. Your press release is going to appear on 250+ newspaper and major news sites including the Daily Times, Salt Lake Tribune, Star Tribune, The Buffalo News, Daily Herald and hundreds more! Download sample standard report

Q. What if I do a Premium Pro Distribution?
A. Your press release is guaranteed to go on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, Bing News, 375+ newspaper and major news sites, everything included in our Premium Distribution, social media, and radio & television news sites. It gets even better! Your press release is guaranteed to go on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC's news sites and affiliates. Download sample premium report

Q. Is the distribution time/date gauranteed?
A. No, certain factors can affect the scheduled release date of a press release including manual review processes during holidays and weekends (less employees are working at our partner newswire during weekends). However, 97% of our press releases are published and distributed without delays of any kind. Also, we will never publish a press release before it is suppose to release.

Q. Do you offer press release writing services?
A. Absolutely! We can write your press release and distribute it. Or if you would just like us to write it, we can do that too. Please visit our press release writing section to get started now.

Q. Can I include a logo, image or video in the press release?
A. Yes, there is an area to upload your logo or image on our order page, and for videos, simply paste your YouTube or Vimeo vieo link at the end of the press release body.

Q. Can I include links in the press release?
A. Yes, you can include a maximum of 5 links. We recommend having three or less links. If the maximum is exceeded, the links will still show up on our website but the media outlets may remove the links past the first five.

Q. Do you provide white label options?
A. Yes, we provide unbranded press releases along with private label press releases for agencies and individuals. Please see our white label pricing page.

Q. How do I change a press release once it has been distributed?
A. We can remove it from our website but once it has been distributed, we cannot change or remove it from the sites that pick it up.

Q. What kind of press releases are accepted and not accepted?
A. We only accept press releases with headlines that are news worthy. If you submit a press release with a headline that is deemed not news worthy, it may cause delays and we reserve the right to change the headline. Please read our guidelines.

Q. What is the best day and time to send a press release?
A. Monday through Friday. Read more

Q. How should I write the press release headline?
A. Your headline should be clear, concise and captivating. See tips & samples

Q. Are press releases dead for SEO?
A. Yes and no. Free ones are but paid press release distribution works. Read more