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Press Release Jet's PR Copywriter service will skyrocket your media visibility, exposure and traffic. Our high-quality press releases are professionally crafted by US journalists. It’s easy to get started; just click on Order Now below.

Standard PR copywriting

  • Professionally Written PR
  • Fast 2-3 Day Turnaround
  • Includes 1 Revision


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I ordered copywriting with Premium distribution during the beta launch. I got my PR back to me in 2 days for review. I gave my approval and then saw my press release on FOX, ABC and hundreds more the following day. The best thing of all was I didn’t have to do a single thing. Thanks guys!

Concierge PR copywriting

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Professionally Written PR
  • Fast 2-3 Day Turnaround
  • Includes Unlimited Revisions
  • Press Release SEO Audit


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Standard PR Copywriting $45 + Premium Distribution $99

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Concierge PR Copywriting $99 + Premium Distribution $99

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Standard PR Copywriting $45 + Standard Distribution $49

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Concierge PR Copywriting $99 + Standard Distribution $49

$20 Savings

Our Writers Are Skilled & Motivated Professionals

  • Our team carefully screens each of our writers as part of our hiring process, ensuring that you get the services of an experienced, qualified, English-speaking writer to craft your press release.

We Have Experience in a Variety of Industries

  • At PR Copywriter, we understand that you need to appeal to a specific target audience. We are experienced with the needs of the technical, creative, academic, financial, legal, and medical fields...and many more. You can be confident that your press release will engage the attention of your intended audience.

We Have Advanced Technology to Detect Plagiarism

  • At PR Copywriter, we use the same technology that book publishers and universities use to prevent plagiarism. You can be certain that the content of your press release is 100% original so it won’t hit any roadblocks from Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Top Quality, Top Tier News Outlet Guaranteed *

  • We stand by the quality of our work. *If you distribute through Press Release Jet, we will guarantee that your press release will get accepted by premium media outlets including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I issue a press release?

A. A quality press release, distributed to the right media contacts, can give you more credibility with your target audience. That’s because a press release is viewed as news, not advertising, making you appear more reputable.

Q. Why choose PR Copywriter?

A. Our writers are professionally trained in press release writing. They know how to craft and format your press release to get the attention of journalists and reporters. And we also have access to Press Release Jet’s impressive media contact list, guaranteeing syndication in over 375 media sites.

Q. Is my press release guaranteed to get accepted by the media?

A. Yes, it is! In fact, we can do even better than that. With Press Release Jet's premium press release distribution service, we can guarantee syndication in top-tier news networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW. We also guarantee syndication in Bing, Google, and Yahoo News.

Q. Do you have any press release writing examples?

A. Visit our Samples page to find examples of professionally written press releases that we have created and distributed for our customers.

Q. How does PR Copywriter compare with a publicist?

A. Hiring a publicist can cost you thousands of dollars per month to accomplish the same goals that you can achieve with just one great press release. That high-quality press release distributed to over 375 media outlets (including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW) will yield substantial results right away at a fraction of the cost of hiring a publicist.

Q. What is the turnaround time?

A. Our average turnaround time is 2-3 days. We honor the demands of your time-sensitive news while also completing thorough, quality work. As your publicity partners, it's important to us to give your press release the thoughtful time and effort that it deserves.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Right now, you can access our Concierge copywriting service for just $99. Combine it with Press Release Jet's premium press release distribution package for $99, and you have an unbeatable deal. There is also an option for our more affordable Standard service at $45.

Q. What makes PR Copywriter different from its competitors?

A. We offer the same service as some of the most expensive names in the business, but without the high-end price. Unlike the cheap but prevalent content mills out there, we guarantee professional, high-quality service from professional writers.

Q. What do I get for this low price?

A. Our Standard service includes one revision, a 2-3 day turnaround, and the services of a professional writer. Our Concierge service includes all of the above in addition to a 100% satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions.

Q. Are there any special deals on high volume press release distribution?

A. Press Release Jet can offer premium distribution for a total of 12 press release at one low cost of $775.

Q. Are there any extra charges for links, images or video?

A. You can embed or upload images or video at no extra charge. There is no charge for including links either.

Q.Can you get my press release to the top of Google?

A. Our premium press release writing package includes keyword targeting to help your press release rise in the search results.

Q. Can I request a revision of my press release?

A. With our Concierge package, you can request as many revisions as you want. Our Standard package allows you to request one revision, free of charge.

Q. Will I be able to contact the writer who is working on my press release?

A. Our Concierge package provides a collaboration platform and direct communication with your writer, so that you can be part of the process.

Q. What is the best day and time to send out my press release?

A. Theories abound as to the ideal time of day for issuing a press release. But the facts are these: there are fewer journalists working on weekends, so your press release has a better chance of getting picked up if you issue it on any day from Monday-Friday.

PR Copywriter is the leading press release writing service with pricing plans starting at just $45. PR Copywriter also offers press release distribution through Press Release Jet; along with bundled plans so you can save!