What is PRWeb?

A Google search with the words “press release distribution services” yields many pages of results, displaying a bewildering variety of sites that offer to distribute your press release for you. Although it’s difficult to tell, some of these companies on this list are actually owned by others. It’s hard to sift through all this information to figure out which one will give you the best circulation for the best price.

One of the websites that comes up in this search is PRWeb. It seems to be one of the popular choices for publicists and marketers that want to get their news out to the world. But what is PRWeb, exactly?

PRWeb is a subsidiary of a huge public relations company called Cision. This company provides services worldwide, helping businesses with their PR efforts through social media monitoring and media engagement. PRWeb is offered by Cision as a more affordable alternative to another of its subsidiaries, PRNewswire. A press release from PRWeb will cost between $129 and $369. However, PRWeb has a limited distribution list in comparison with its higher-end counterpart.

PRNewswire distributes to a total of about 300 media sites, including premium news outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. It provides social media sharing and search engine optimization. This kind of reach is essential for attracting the attention of media professionals. To facilitate the visual appeal that’s so important for shareability, PRNewswire allows customers to purchase an add-on to add images and video. Many customers will decide that it’s worth it to invest the money in PRNewswire in order to get these key services. Although pricing information is not easily accessed by the public, customers report spending about $775 per press release, in addition to a $195 annual membership fee.

There are other options for press release distribution besides these two Cision companies. Press Release Jet offers services that are comparable to the high-end PRNewswire, distributing to over 375 media sites, including the same top-tier news networks as PRNewswire. They also provide social media sharing and the ability to include images and video at no extra charge. All these services can be accessed at a price of $129 per press release. There is no membership fee.

Press Release Jet is proof that expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. For high-end service for a low-end cost, consider submitting an online order form at Press Release Jet today.

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