Press Release Jet Offers White Label Press Release Distribution Service For Businesses and Agencies

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LAS VEGAS, NV - 08/02/2017 -- Several people struggle to get their business or company off the ground. A lot of that struggle is associated with a lack of communication with the public and with business partners. In order to combat that struggle, Press Release Jet began offering premium press release distribution services.

With a high demand for private and unbranded releases, the company is now offering the White Label Press Releases Package. These releases offer press release distribution for clients using private label press releases or unbranded press releases.

There are several benefits to using this service. The main benefit is that a business or company’s press release, if the representative chooses the private label release, will be sent with the company’s own branding. If they choose unbranded press releases, Press Release Jet will remove its branding from the release before sending.

With the private label press releases, a representative can choose from premium distribution for $69, premium pro distribution for $119, and for $329, the company can get the premium concierge distribution services.

If a representative would like to opt for the unbranded press releases, they can get premium distribution for $59, premium pro distribution for $109, and premium concierge distribution for $319.

Switching to this package will be beneficial to continuing customers. By submitting a private label release, a company’s brand is furthered and it becomes more recognizable by networks and news outlets. If the company sends an unbranded press release, it isn’t made obvious that it used a distribution service.

With Press Release Jet, clients can have their business or company’s press release sent to up to 400 or more media outlets, depending on the packaged they choose, including networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and many more.

The online process is easy. To submit a press release for the White Label Press Release Distribution Service, simply visit Press Release Jet online, enter your release into the field, and submit. Switch today, it’s easy!

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