Press Release Jet Offers Press Release Reach to AP, Bloomberg & Reuters Using the Concierge Distribution Plan

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Press Release Jet Offers Press Release Reach to AP, Bloomberg & Reuters Using the Concierge Distribution Plan

LAS VEGAS, NV - 07/10/2017 --Many new businesses are using press releases to generate buzz and create publicity. Press releases can be a great way of driving traffic and conversions on your website or social media channels. We make the public aware of new products or services, events, research, achievements, company structure, etc. Press releases can be a great tool to create attention around your business. There is an incredible amount of evidence that press releases can improve your company’s SEO, which will in turn rank your businesses website higher in search engines. A professionally written press release is a great investment which can play a huge role in growing your company.

Press Release Jet, a press release distribution company, is now offering a Premium Concierge Package. In this new package, customers will receive press release distribution which guarantees placement to over 400 media sites and reach to AP, Reuters, & Bloomberg. This new service offers customers with a targeted press release aimed to generate publicity for their business. Additionally, Press Release Jet will take care of distribution of the press release for the client. This premium package also includes distribution on top tier newswire such as ABC & Affiliates, NBC & Affiliates, CBS & Affiliates, Fox & Affiliates, CW & Affiliates. The Premium Concierge Package also includes Media Cloud Contact (MCC), spam-free PR distribution, journalist broadcast, MCC inbox delivery, and a 2-tier editorial process.

Along with all the features and distribution, this package also includes analytics for the customer. This contains comprehensive reporting, report CSV download and guaranteed placements for 400 plus media sites.

Press Release Jet is an independent brand, when compared to its competitors, Press Release Jet, offers a $0.25 ROI per media site while the average is about $2.38. Our service is incredible as we offer no word count limits and will add an additional 100 words to your press release free of charge.

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