Press Release Jet Reveals 5 Ways to Save on Press Release Distribution: Launch of Month to Month Plans

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Press Release Jet launched its month to month plans. Press Release Jet is the industry leading press release distribution service with over 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. Press Release Jet is the preferred service provider for publicists and marketing 8 advertising agencies and individuals.

Irrespective of how large your business could be, or whatever niche of the market it runs in, as well as whatever product or services it markets, it ought to consistently remain in touch with everyone. Even if the company has a big pool of dependable and also steadfast customers, it is nevertheless bound ever so often, to educate them regarding the current developments in the business.

Many companies and brands rely on a press release agency that will help them with press release distribution. The best option for every business in the whole world is Press Release Jet. It offers most economical press release with a wide channel of press release distribution.

The month to month plans offer by Press Release Jet include:
Starter - This involves 4 Premium PRs each month, which cost $149/month and save $47.
Professional - This involves 4 Premium Pro PRs each month, which cost $299/month and save $97.
Small Business - This involves 8 Premium Pro PRs each month $499/month and save $293.
Enterprise - This involves 16 Premium Pro PRs each month, costing $999/month and save $585.

Enterprise Concierge - This involves 16 Premium Concierge PRs each month, costing $3500/ month and save $1284.

By using Press Release Jet, the company can acquire the interest of the electronic media representatives, but more specifically that of journalists, analysts, reporters and also publishers. They are considered as highly reliable resources and the public is inclined to hear their points of view. People normally hold the belief that these media people share independent and also a neutral point of views, so their involvement in the story, will certainly have a larger influence.

There are many reasons why people opt for this kind of method. Below are some of the benefits of using Press Release Jet:

Low-cost option. Not everyone can afford to pay thousands for a single advertisement. For this reason, they need something that is affordable yet yielding the required results. For such people, press release distribution is not only inexpensive, but it is also effective. Press Release Jet provides a low-cost alternative to traditional methods of spreading information.

Increases visibility. Press Release Jet also helps to bring information about companies to the right people. If their story is good enough, then many people read as well as share it with others. This will help to increase visibility as well as give exposure to the company.

Helps businesses to attract investors and customers. Apart from the above, Press Release Jet helps businesses to talk about their activities and plans without sounding like an advertisement. It can also help to keep investors in the know about what is happening in the company. It also helps to attract new investors and as well as customers.

However, Press Release Jet uses press releases to distribute all the great news surrounding business. The press release is one of the simplest, least expensive and most beneficial tools for business owners - and one that anyone can use. Give it a try by sending out a press release today.

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