Press Release Jet Launches PR Copywriter, the Best Press Release Writing Service in the Industry

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LAS VEGAS, NV - 06/12/2017 -- Press Release Jet launches PR Copywriter, the company’s new service focused on handling press release distribution orders for individuals, publicists as well as marketing and advertising agencies.

Press Release Jet is the leading press release distribution service in the industry headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada serving customers across the globe. The company takes pride on delivering hundreds of exceptional press release distribution orders that they are capable of distributing simultaneously.

With an average turnaround of one business day, Press Release Jet boasts of being the best pr writing service in the industry. Hopeful clients can even check their press release writing samples to see for themselves the writing service that Press Release Jet takes pride of.

Press Release Jet’s press release writing samples show the elements of press release writing that makes the company’s PR Copywriter a service that advertisers and marketers rely for spreading word about their business or brand. Moreover, Press Release Jet is known to hold the lowest price on standard distribution in the industry.

Having used by many companies before, PR Copywriter is highly recommended by many marketing and public relations agency. Clients will not have anything to worry about as their service has been placement guaranteed by Google, Google News, Bing and Yahoo.

Utilizing Press Release Jet’s service is very easy. Clients need only to upload their press release, make their payment and Press Release Jet’s experts will take care of distributing it. The simple and guaranteed service of Press Release Jet has earned it with many praises from its esteemed clients.

Alex, a contractor from Outskirt Publishing said, “Within 24 hours of the release going live, our author was booked for a radio interview and he was later asked to contribute to a monthly column as an "expert" in his niche.”

With Press Release Jet, clients have nothing to lose but only gain effective distribution of their public relation and marketing promotions. Press Release Jet provides clients with quicker, cheaper and a truly bigger distribution of their promotions compared to their competitors.

PR Copywriter is a service that Press Release is truly proud to offer to companies all over the world that are looking for reliable, trustworthy press release distribution service that doesn’t let them spend time and money on emailing journalists.

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