Press Release Jet Launches Google SEO Guide of 2017

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While getting information out about your brand or product is a great way to increase awareness, you’ll have even better results if you make sure your content is search engine optimized. Writing press releases that incorporate good SEO will help ensure that your promotions reach viewers and generate higher sales.

To help you and your marketing team make the most of your press releases, Press Release Jet CEO Yan Huang has published an e-book with information and tips on the best SEO practices. This e-book can be purchased at a reasonable price through Amazon.

The Google SEO Guide of 2017 will help you better understand how to leverage key words and phrases to maximize the effectiveness of your press releases. And for a limited time, if you subscribe to Press Release Jet’s e-mail list, we’ll give you a free copy of the Google SEO Guide of 2017.

This Google SEO Guide of 2017 will teach you tips for generating content with specific words relative to your brand and your target market. Using SEO copy in your press releases will in turn generate more click throughs to your website and consequently increase your sales.

The most effective way to promote your brand or product on the internet is to combine good SEO copy with effective press release strategies. By subscribing to our e-mail list, you’ll get valuable tips with information and content that can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

When you’re ready to take your promotions to the next level, then combine your quality SEO copy with Press Release Jet’s comprehensive information distribution service. For $69 we’ll deliver your content to over 250 different media sites, and for only $129 we will push your press release to over 375 different media sources.

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