eReleases Review Compares It to Other Services

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eReleases Review

LOS ANGELES, CA - 2/15/2017 — A recent eReleases review offers a detailed comparison of this popular press release distribution service and its competitors. This comparison is not necessarily favorable, showing that other companies may offer a better return on investment for their services. This review will be helpful to those who wonder if they should order an eReleases press release.

As a reseller of PR Newswire, eReleases has built a reputation as a low-cost company with high-end service. “When it comes to press release distribution services, eReleases consistently ranks highly in reviews because of its service and affordability. This company has built a reputation as a cost-effective alternative to high-end press release distribution companies such as PR Newswire and Newswire.”

However, as the article points out, eReleases does not offer the same reach as its counterpart, PR Newswire. To reach the same media contacts as PR Newswire, you need the top pricing tier of eReleases, which costs $499. There is an extra charge of $150 for every 100 words above their word count limit.

It is possible to obtain a coupon for eReleases to reduce the cost; however, such coupons are usually available only for the bottom two tiers of service, “Buzz Builder” or “Newsmaker,” both of which are limited in the contacts to whom they distribute.

Although eReleases does offer better rates than many other companies, there are others that offer similar services at lower prices. A comparison to PRWeb shows that it offers an equivalent level of service for only $369. However, it charges more for linked or embedded images or video.

The top tier of eReleases guarantees syndication in 150 media sites. PRWeb does not make any guarantees, but their average syndication is also about 150.

According to this review, it is possible to get equivalent service at a lower price.

Press Release Jet offers a premium press release distribution for just $129. This price includes the option of linking or embedding images and video, an unlimited word count, and guaranteed syndication to over 375 media sites.

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