A Comparison of Marketwired vs. PR Newswire Reveals Similar Services, Different Prices

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Marketwired vs. PRNewswire

LOS ANGELES, CA - 2/10/2017 — Two recent reviews compare the prices and services of two popular press release distribution companies, Marketwired and PR Newswire. These reviews reveal that both companies offer similar services, and that both are costly compared with competitors.

According to the Marketwired review, this service provides many great features. It offers distribution to an impressive list of media channels. For an additional fee, you can add photos, links, or video to your press release to increase its media visibility. Although Marketwired pricing is not accessible from its website, sources report a base price of around $460 per press release, with an additional $50 for a photo and $129 for each audio/video link. Customers also pay $150 for exceeding the 400 word count limit. There are no membership fees associated with using MarketWired. However, customers must go through a time-consuming registration process to access its press release distribution services.

The PR Newswire review reveals that this company also provides some exceptional features. It has an impressive base of media contacts. Although it doesn’t make any guarantees about syndication, it does average about 300 media sites.

Unfortunately, PR Newswire pricing is not the most competitive. The base price for press release distribution services is about $775. The cost is higher if customers want to include images and links. Even their more affordable iReach option can cost as much as $399 and does not deliver the same benefits. These prices are in addition to a $195 annual membership fee.

Although there are undeniable SEO benefits to press release distribution, many will avoid them because of prohibitive prices.

To get the full benefit of press release distribution without draining your budget, many customers find Press Release Jet to be the most cost-effective option. Premium press release distribution is available at a cost only $129 per press release. There is an unlimited word count and no extra charge for images or audio/video links. These services can be accessed without registering or paying a membership fee.

Press Release Jet guarantees syndication in over 375 media sites.

For more information or to order a press release, visit Press Release Jet's website at http://www.pressreleasejet.com.

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