Free Press Release Distribution 2017 Facts Revealed

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Free Press Release Distribution 2017

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/24/2017 — Small business and business startups always look for free press release distribution services, why? Because it’s free! The downfall is that most businesses who try free press release distribution services, often times never return to the press release distribution industry because they feel like the industry doesn’t work. However, we are here today to tell you otherwise by revealing the facts about the press release distribution industry.

Many of the top press release distribution services gets streamed onto various media outlets such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Press Release Jet was nominated as the best press release distribution company in the industry with an amazing premium service that yields a return on investment of $0.19 per media site that syndicates your story.

Although press release distribution companies advertise that syndicated press releases are visible on popular search engines such as the ones mentioned earlier, many customers believe that their press releases don’t get a good coverage. Press Release Jet’s services offers search engine visibility on web searches as well as news searches.

Most of the effectiveness of press releases comes from the relationship and access to journalists, however, press release distribution companies may not have the connection to important journalists. This will cause a dent in many companies’ success. Press Release Jet ensures that media outlets, such as ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC, and many more, syndicate their press releases. This is where free press release websites lack.

Businesses have to look at the return on investment as well. There are press release distribution companies that syndicate your story to about 350 media outlets, but are you paying an extraordinary amount of money for it? Press Release Jet offers their premium services for $129 and customers get their press releases syndicated by about 400 media outlets. Eighty percent of these media outlets overlap with some of the top press release distribution companies such as and PR Newswire, both of which charges a relatively large sum of $999 and $775 respectively.

Unfortunately, many smart entrepreneurs turn away from the press release distribution industry after having a dissatisfactory experience with free press release distribution companies. Many successful businesses who continued to utilize press release distribution services often yield higher statistics from an increase of visitors on their page to a higher increase of sales. Seeing that press releases may actually not be that bad, Press Release Jet offers the best return on investment rate of the press release distribution industry, so why not start with them?

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