Press Release Jet Shares How to Dominate Google Search Results Including SEO

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LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/12/2017 -- The press release distribution industry is getting more and more popular as more businesses unravel the key to success through press releases. Though, many know about the industry, but there are key ideas that are essential in getting the most benefits out of the services. Press Release Jet is now sharing their free ebook on how press releases can can businesses dominate Google search results.

Not only is Press Release Jet offering a free eBook, but the company shares how press releases can get to the top of Google by using Knowledge Graph “In the News”. By using press releases, companies can have their press releases appear on top in Google News as well, which will yield a higher publicity rate. Customers can also get to the top of Google by using SEO backlink building, which is explained in their eBook.

Though there are many press release distribution companies within the industry, Press Release Jet has the highest return on investment rate in the industry. Not only does Press Release Jet offer a guaranteed syndication of over 375 media outlets, but their customers’ press releases get syndicated to popular media outlets such as ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, and NBC. With all these results, Press Release Jet offers their premium package for only $129!

To claim your free copy of “How to Dominate Google Search Results Using Press Releases”, please visit For those interested in Press Release Jet’s services, please visit

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