Business Wire Pricing May Not Be the Most Competitive

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Business Wire Pricing

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/12/2017 — A recent set of articles reviews the prices and service of Business Wire, a popular press release distribution company. These articles can be found on the Press Release Jet website here.

As these articles point out, there is very little pricing information available from Business Wire’s website, which states that prices vary according to geographic region and that customers can inquire about price when contracting for Business Wire’s services.

However, the articles reveal that most customers pay about $760 per press release from Business Wire, with an additional fee of $195 for exceeding the 400-word limit.

There are a number of useful services included in this price. Business Wire has thousands of subscribing journalists and distributes to a variety of different channels, serving many regions and target audiences. They have an editorial staff available 24/7 to assist with the press release writing process. They allow the addition of links, photos, and videos at no extra charge.

But these reviews point out that there may be more cost-effective options when it comes to press release distribution services.

One of Business Wire’s competitors, Press Release Jet, provides comparable services, distributing to over 375 media sites, including the top-tier news networks. While they do not provide the luxury of 24/7 customer service, a substantial collection of how-to articles to guide every aspect of the press release writing process can be accessed for free from the Press Release Jet website. Press Release Jet does not charge for links or visuals and they do not impose a word count limit.

Press Release Jet clearly advertises its pricing plans, along with services provided through each. The full range of its services is available at a cost of $129 per press release, a stunning difference in price when compared to Business Wire.

For more information, or to order a press release, visit the Press Release Jet website at

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