PR Web vs Press Release Jet: Press Release Distribution Comparison Revealed

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PR Web vs Press Release Jet

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/5/2017 -- The press release distribution industry is now becoming a more and more popular resource to spread the news on a new business start up or for small businesses just trying to get their name out. Many customers run into the same problem when looking for the right press release distribution company for their business, and customers don’t know where to look. Fortunately, today we are releasing the results of a comparison between two commonly used press release distribution companies.

PR Web

PR Web offers their premium press release distribution services for a fee of $369. Even though PR Web does not offer an guarantee on how many media sites will syndicate your story, we were able to gather information on the details. On average, about 150 media outlets syndicate their customers’ press releases. PR Web also includes a word count of 400 words and for an additional 100 words, customers have to pay $150.

Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet offers their premium press release distribution services for $129, which includes a guaranteed syndication rate of over 375 media outlets. After looking at the analysis, the results yielded that Press Release Jet, on average, have about 400 media sites that syndicates their customers’ press releases. Additionally, Press Release Jet does not limit their customers on the length of their press releases.

After analyzing both press release distribution companies, one has to hand it to Press Release Jet for their cost effective plans that offer a high return on investment rate. For business start ups or even small business, Press Release Jet’s premium plan is the most ideal for those who wants a cost effective plan that yields high benefits.

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