MarketWired vs Press Release Jet: Press Release Distribution Comparison Revealed

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MarketWired vs Press Release Jet

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/4/2017 -- Reliability is often a common factor that customers of any industry look for. In the press release distribution industry, there are many companies that overcharge their customers for their services and yield little or poor results. However, a comparison test between two commonly used press release distribution companies have been made and the results are yielded below.


MarketWired is a commonly used press release distribution company that charges $460 for their services. Though they do not guarantee any number of media sites to syndicate their customers’ press releases, the comparison tests yielded on average, each press release that goes through their services only get syndicated by about 200 media outlets. Additionally, MarketWired has a word count of 400 words for press releases, and if customers want to add an additional 100 words, there is a fee of $150.

Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet currently holds the highest return on investment rate in the press release distribution industry with a small fee of $129 and a guaranteed syndication rate of over 375 media outlets. After running Press Release Jet through the comparison tests, the results showed that each press release gets syndicated to about 400 media sites. On top of the high syndication rate, Press Release Jet offers an unlimited word count on press releases and each press release gets syndicated by various media outlets such as ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, and NBC.

When looking at both press release distribution companies, Press Release Jet yields an incredible return on investment rate of $0.19 per media site while MarketWired will cost you on average $2.30 per media site. However, do not take our word for it — we recommend requesting a press release distribution report from both companies so you can see for yourself!

Press Release Jet is a cost effective plan that yields high results, which is beneficial to small businesses that are on a budget. For more information on Press Release Jet’s services, please visit

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