Business Wire vs Press Release Jet: Press Release Distribution Comparison Revealed

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Business Wire vs Press Release Jet

LOS ANGELES, CA - 1/2/2017 — Many new businesses are turning to press release distribution services to make their services known. However, there is often doubt when deciding which press release distribution services will make the most out of their money. This means customers want the their press releases to be syndicated by as many media outlets as possible. Today we have conducted a comparison between two top press release distribution companies.

Business Wire offers an average rate of over 350 media sites for $499. After conducting the comparison, it was recorded that the average media outlet syndication was about 400 media sites per press release, which yields a return on investment (ROI) rate of $2.50 per media site. On top of these rates, Business Wire also has a word count limit of 400 words and customers can get an extra 100 words for a fee of $150.

Press Release Jet offers their premium services for $129 with a guaranteed syndication rate of over 375 media sites. It was recorded that Press Release Jet had the same syndication rate as Business Wire, which is about 400 media sites. This means customers are paying $0.19 for each media site that syndicates their press release. In additional to the savings, Press Release Jet does not have a word count limit and your story gets syndicated to ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and many more.

It is obvious as to which press release distribution company offers the highest return on investment rate. Press Release Jet offers the most services out of their customers’ money and offers the most savings for press release distribution services. However, do not take our word for it — we recommend requesting a press release distribution report from both companies so you can see for yourself!

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