Comparing the Industry's Top 7 PR Distribution Services

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Comparing the Industry's Top 7 PR Distribution Services

Compare Press Release Distribution

LOS ANGELES, CA - 12/5/2016 — Publicity and exposure definitely helps businesses with getting their name and business out there. An efficient way of doing so is through utilizing press release distribution services. Though there are many out press release distribution companies out there, it is hard to say for sure which company offers the best return on investment (ROI). Customers of the press release distribution industry often question which company can provide the most out of what they pay for. A study have been conducted in gathering seven press release distribution companies and their ROI rate based on media outlets compared to how much you pay.

PR Newswire: At $775, a single press release distribution averages an average of 300 media sites that are syndicating your story. PR Newswire does not advertise for any guaranteed syndication, but does yield an average ROI rate at $2.58 per media site.

Business Wire: Business Wire shares a similar ROI rate as at $2.50 per media site, but has an average syndication of 200 media sites. Business Wire offers their press release distribution services at $499+ for each PR distribution. Being one of the more expensive premium plans in the press release distribution industry, Newswire offers their premium plan for $999. This plan includes guaranteed syndication to over 350 media sites with a return on investment (ROI) rate at $2.50 per media site.

Easy Newswire: Easy Newswire offers an average of 250 media outlets with their premium plan at $129. This yields an average ROI of $0.52 per media outlet, which is very competitive compared to some of the other competitors. 

Marketwired: At Marketwired, the press release distribution company offers an average syndication of 200 media sites, with a $2.30 per media site. Marketwired has a fee of $460 to access their premium package for single press release distributions.

PRWeb: At a lower rate relative to other press release distribution services, PRWeb offers their services at $369, which yields an average syndication of 150 media sites. In the end, PRWeb offers a ROI rate of $2.46 for every media site.

Press Release Jet: Press Release Jet offers their premium plan at $129, which also yields about 80% of the same media sites as as PR Newswire and You can request a sample distribution report from each company and see for yourself. With an average syndication of 400 media sites and guarantee of over 375 media sites, Press Release Jet currently holds the highest ROI rate at $0.19 per each media site. 

To sum it up, it'd be foolish to not partake in Press Release Jet’s services. To learn more about their press release distribution services, please visit

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