Press Release Jet Provides New Guidelines for Effective Medical Press Releases

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Medical Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA - 9/29/2016 — Press Release Jet has just published a collection of articles to guide healthcare practitioners and companies in the writing and formatting of effective medical press releases. Please find these articles here:

Healthcare continues to be a hot topic in the news, with cutting-edge trends and research constantly emerging. Healthcare practitioners face the challenge of communicating news in their field in a cost-effective and credible way.

In an era of “too much information,” these articles offer practical tips for those in the healthcare industry to communicate in such a manner that their news will stand out from the hundreds of “breaking” medical stories that come across our media horizon every day.

It’s also important that healthcare practitioners can budget time and money effectively so that they will be more available to offer quality care to patients and clients. A press release is a tool that allows them to build their reputation efficiently, as stated in an article about health press release distribution: “Social media marketing with tools like Facebook and Twitter can be very effective, but time-consuming. You could easily spend hours every day building your online presence, and then how will you find time to actually work with clients and patients? An excellent option is to issue a press release. You can use it to let the media know about services, new staff members, or just to establish yourself as an expert by sharing health news and trends.”

While the thought of crafting and distributing an effective medical press release can be intimidating to professionals in the medical field, a little guidance will help them create a press release that achieves their goals.

In addition to providing press release distribution services, Press Release Jet also offers a variety of how-to articles on SEO and proper format of press releases for specific fields, including politics, real estate, and education.

Press Release Jet distributes press releases to all the top-tier media outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News and Bing News) with packages as low as $69, making it a highly affordable option for medical practices. For more information on Press Release Jet or to send out your next medical press release, please visit

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