Press Release Jet Offers Practical Help for Real Estate Press Releases

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Real Estate Press ReleasesLOS ANGELES, CA - 7/18/2016 — Press Release Jet has just issued step-by-step guidelines for real estate businesses on effective marketing. These guidelines can be found on the Press Release Jet website HERE. They offer a variety of useful online and face-to-face marketing strategies for realtors.

These articles will help realtors to navigate publicity and Internet marketing in the digital age. They offer insight on a variety of strategies, including lead generation, social media marketing, and an effective email campaign.

With more realtors entering the business than ever before, publicity and marketing have become fiercely competitive. Realtors are very limited in terms of investing time and money in marketing. As the opening article states: “We know that one of the greatest challenges for a real estate agent is to get his name out locally with a minimum of expense. Many are working hard to publicize their business and finding that it can cost thousands of dollars to do so.”

These articles will also guide realtors in the process of crafting a real estate press release, a low-cost and efficient publicity tool that is often overlooked by realtors. Many do not utilize real estate press releases because they feel they lack the knowledge to write them effectively. Press Release Jet gives step-by-step tips for the process of writing a great real estate press release, beginning with advice on how to build relationships with the local media

In addition to providing press release distribution services, Press Release Jet offers practical how-to articles on a variety of topics related to the crafting of press releases, including how to format a press release correctly and how to get it to the top of Google.

Press Release Jet distributes to premium media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, in addition to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News. They provide this service for prices as low as $69, with the option of a Premium Press Release Distribution for $129. This makes Press Release Jet an attractive option for real estate agents who must operate on a limited budget.

For more information about these guidelines or about how to submit an order for a press release, please visit Press Release Jet's website at

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