Reviewed Results from Press Release Jet, PRWeb and PR Newswire

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LOS ANGELES, CA - 7/4/2016 — As a customer, what matters the most is not how many journalists a press release distribution company has reached, but how much reach and syndication the company can get you. Many of the major press release distribution companies do not advertise guaranteed syndication to media outlets, but when they do, prices are shot through the roof.

Press Release Jet offers a standard press release distribution package for an affordable price of $69 and a premium package of $129. Press Release Jet’s standard package guarantees syndication to over 250 media outlets. With only $40 more, not only will you receive all the features in the standard package, but also guaranteed syndication to over 375 media outlets such as ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, Bloomberg Business, and hundreds more!

PRWEB’s standard press release distribution package is offered at $129 and for $369, customers can access PRWeb’s premium package. PRWeb’s standard package yields approximately 75 media outlets and their premium package yields approximately 150 media outlets. These media outlets’ quality can be viewed as “okay”. PRWeb also does not provide any guarantees on syndication to their media outlets nor the specific media outlets that will show your press release.

PR Newswire provides a single press release distribution package for $775 which yields an approximation of 350 media outlets per press release. The quality of the media outlets is notably higher than PRWeb, but the quality does not succeed those from Press Release Jet’s premium package. As a matter of fact, when the reports were reviewed, about 80% of the media outlets used by PR Newswire and Press Release Jet were the same.

The press release distribution companies who has the highest quality and quantity of syndication of media outlets are Press Release Jet and PR Newswire. The only main difference between these two press release distribution companies is the price. Without emptying your wallet for an extra $700, Press Release Jet offers the most optimizing option for press release distribution! Please visit for more information.

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