The Press Release Checklist Provides Practical Guidance for Crafting Press Releases

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LOS ANGELES, CA - 6/14/2016 — Press Release Jet has just issued its new Press Release Checklist. This checklist provides a detailed and comprehensive list of questions and practical tips to aid its clients in crafting an effective press release. 

The Press Release Checklist is a two-part document that guides its users step-by-step through issues of both format and style.  A detailed explanation accompanies each bulleted question on the list, allowing clients to focus point by point on key elements such as purpose, clarity, relevance, tone and accuracy.

To quote the company website: "These are the questions which will help you make sure you have written a fantastic press release, one that will accomplish your goals, before you hit Send."

A few questions in the Press Release Checklist include:

  • Does your headline grab attention with few words?
  • If you have a subhead, is it concise?
  • Does your first paragraph adequately summarize your main points?
  • Is the remaining text of your press release informative and concise?
  • Have you provided accurate contact information?
  • Does your press release spur your audience to action?
  • Have you written your press release entirely in the third person?

A brief paragraph follows each question, containing concise but thorough advice and tips.  Among other things, the Press Release Checklist explains the legal intricacies surrounding the mention of celebrities in a press release, the effective use of quotes, and the importance of proofreading for sensitivity and potentially offensive language.  It details the potential pitfalls of incorrectly configured links, as well as the possible benefits of a call to action.  These are only a few topics that the Press Release Checklist examines in depth.

For more information, or if you would like practical help in crafting your next press release, please go to to receive your copy of the Press Release Checklist!

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