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Are you trying to avoid the hefty price tag associated with press release distribution?

With tight budgets, many business owners and publicity professionals seek low-cost alternatives. If you are in this situation, you may have considered using PR Underground.

At first glance, this service seems enticing. You can send out a press release for just $39.99, significantly less than other companies which charge prices ranging from $199 to $775.

At this bottom pricing tier, PR Underground offers a few very basic services. They distribute to Google News, to social media networks, and about 50 news sites. By upgrading to their “Diamond Plan” ($189), you can extend that list from 50 to about 120.

Another affordable option is Press Release Jet. Our premium plan costs $129, still just a fraction o the price of equivalent services elsewhere. But in contrast to PRUnderground, we guarantee syndication in over 375 media sites, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW. We distribute to Google News, Bing News, and Yahoo News, as well as countless blogs and industry journals.This kind of reach is a necessity if you want to get your press release to the attention of media influencers.

PR Underground has some straightforward “fine print” on its website in which they disclose that their service is inadequate for national news or breaking news. This is not surprising, since their modest list of media contacts does not include any hard-hitting top-tier news outlets. Yet the price tag of their “Diamond Plan” does not reflect the limitations of their service.

When budgeting for your publicity efforts, return on investment is a key consideration. So why go with a press release distribution service that offers such limited service at a prohibitive price tag? At Press Release Jet, you have the opportunity to spend modestly and achieve maximum results.

We think that seems like a no-brainer.

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