Mountain View Concepts Prepares for Leadership Conference


Mountain View Concepts' President detailed an upcoming leadership conference and the benefits it will offer attendees. He also outlined a few underappreciated benefits of team travel events.

Press Release - updated: Jun 29, 2018 09:00 EDT

GREENVILLE, SC , June 29, 2018 - “We take advantage of any opportunity to network and train with top leaders from our industry,” stated Cody, the President of Mountain View Concepts. “That’s why we’re really looking forward to this conference in Newport Beach, California. Market managers from all over the country will be coming together to develop and discuss the best solutions for the brands they represent, so there will be so many valuable insights to gain.”

Company leaders and two top-performing team members will be attending the Newport Beach event. Cody added, “It’s going to be fun to announce who has qualified for the conference. The networking potential of this excursion is unmatched, so whoever attends will surely come back to the Mountain View Concepts office even more inspired to reach their highest aspirations. Our attendees will be able to see their jobs from different perspectives as they forge connections that can help them down the road.”

To make the most of the conference, Cody plans to offer a simple tip to the selected team members. He remarked, “The best way to ensure productive connections is to listen more than you talk. I encourage our people to ask lots of questions during any networking function, with a special emphasis on the open-ended variety. The answers they receive help them quickly seize on common interests and goals.”

"We take advantage of any opportunity to network and train with top leaders from our industry."



Mountain View Concepts’ President Shares Some Underrated Benefits of Team Travel

Along with helpful new concepts and contacts, team travel events provide an array of overlooked benefits. Stronger personal bonds are among these positive outcomes. Cody commented, “When our team members head out to industry events together, they get to see different sides of each other. They learn about positive traits and shared interests that might not be noticed around the Mountain View Concepts office. They return more inspired than ever to fuse their unique talents.”

Team members can also sharpen their time management skills when they attend events such as the Newport Beach leadership conference. Cody stated, “There are so many people to meet and presentations to take in at a typical industry gathering. Our brand strategists plan these outings carefully to get the most value out of them. When they return to our home office, they’re better equipped to maximize their productivity from day to day.”

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