Independent Core Strategies Offers Customized Career Paths


Independent Core Strategies' Director of Operations detailed the firm's current hiring push, which is focused on entry-level positions and internships. He also discussed the immersive training all new hires receive.

Press Release - updated: Jun 29, 2018 09:00 EDT

MARLTON, NJ , June 29, 2018 - “We’re looking for top talent to join a growing team here at Independent Core Strategies,” stated Vincent, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We continue to set progressively higher benchmarks for growth, so we need to find the right people to join our organization. There are multiple openings for entry-level positions and internships. Motivated individuals will find a safe haven for in-depth training and development when they come on board.”

The Independent Core Strategies work environment is one that is tailored to each person’s path to sustained success. It’s also one that strives to find value even in unexpected outcomes. Vincent added, “We like to instill the idea that unplanned end results are fine because they help people find themselves. When our team members fail to achieve their expected outcomes, they often discover unique talents that help them reach ambitious goals through different approaches.”

One-to-one coaching is a major element of the Independent Core Strategies training program. The Director remarked, “One cool aspect of joining our team is getting the chance to work with a seasoned professional who can help you forge a path to success. New hires and interns work side-by-side with experienced team members so they can understand what it takes to achieve consistent wins.”

"We're looking for top talent to join a growing team here at Independent Core Strategies."


Director of Operations

Independent Core Strategies’ Director of Operations on the Firm’s Immersive Training Approach

New additions to Team Independent Core Strategies begin earning real-world experience right from the start. Vincent explained, “We bypass manuals or videos that don’t give an accurate depiction of what it means to thrive in our industry. Instead, we get people involved in key projects to help them build confidence from their first days on the job. This is the best way to ensure complete knowledge transfer, especially when it’s combined with personalized coaching from accomplished team members.”

The firm’s immersive training program covers all aspects of its operations. This leads to a wide-ranging education that equips people for success in a variety of roles. “It’s important for team members to understand how their efforts impact all areas of our operations,” the Director stated. “By being exposed to many tasks from the beginning, our people are better prepared to make the biggest impact in whatever roles they occupy.”

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