The first Digital Legacy and Posthumous Message Delivery Service Expands in the US

With an extraordinary concept and an ingenious approach to end-of-life planning, Heavenote's no-cost digital legacy planning makes life after death free and digital for all.

TUSLA, OK - 2/4/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) --  Heavenote announced Friday its official expansion into the American end-of-life planning market with the introduction of a free membership plan after almost three successful years of paid membership service abroad.  

Founded in 2013, the award-winning Oklahoma-based firm specializes in helping customers maintain “digital legacies” – memento message collections stored online – that can be shared after their departure.  Messages are then scheduled for posthumous message delivery, an event confirmed by the Heavenote yearly response system or a trusted third-party.

But the firm's newly introduced basic plan allows members to do all of this for free.  First-time and existing members can now enjoy unlimited text and picture messaging for scheduled delivery, and a free 30-second video message to help users maintain more personal connections with their loved ones.  The free plan also includes generous amounts of online storage space for safeguarding important documents, photos, files, and other messages one may want to pass on after they're deceased.  

“Our goal is to give people a permanent, comfortable place in the world,” Heavenote CEO said via email.  “We want to give [them] peace of mind with no regrets.  Death doesn't have to be the end.  And since everyone dies, why not give everyone the opportunity to create memories that will endure forever?  A free plan makes this possible for everyone.”

Heavenote also offers a premium membership plan that includes increased file storage space and longer video messages at greater quantities, for a nominal yearly fee.  And at the top of Heavenote's service tier lies the referral-based Ambassador plan, one that rewards customers for sharing the company's message with friends.

Asked to describe what distinguishes Heavenote from similar companies and what will set the firm apart, the CEO cites their IT expertise, focus on data security, Heavenote's overall ease of use, and having a noble mission as key to delivering a superior service.

“Our team has years of platform management experience.  We've worked for large corporations like Citibank and Dell.  We've been recognized by Google.  We know what it takes to make an attractive, user-friendly platform that's extremely easy to use without needing computer or technical knowledge.  But above all, we believe we can change the world with our actions.  We genuinely want to make it a better place.”  

Heavenote's FREE digital legacy service is now available in the United States.

About Heavenote

An a digital legacy and end-of-life planning firm, Heavenote was founded in February 2013 with a single mission: to give everyone the right of dying with peace of mind.  The company provides an automated service in which scheduled text, image, audio and video messages are delivered to their intended recipients after its customers have passed away.   

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