Revolution in the preparation of ground coffee with Grinderland manual coffee grinder with hand crank


Do you want to discover and be part of the actual experience of preparing ground coffee?

1/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- By (Nationalgeographic, 2014) includes coffee among the Top 5 most popular drinks in the world. No wonder then that the coffee making process has become for many coffee lovers morning ritual. Turn up your morning ritual to the next level with the help of Grinderland manual coffee grinder with hand crank, which in those days recently appeared on the website

What is the secret of portable coffee grinder?

Are you already frustrated with the noisy electric coffee grinders? Using when grinding steel knives, by which it denies itself the right aroma of coffee beans? These and many other problems resolves this manual coffee grinder.

The real secret of the GrinderLand manual coffee grinder is the way of grinding. With two precision-faceted and cleverly established ceramic stones achieve permanent grinding consistency. These ceramic stones maximize the enjoyment of your ground coffee and enhance the aroma of coffee beans. Conventional cheap either electric or manual coffee grinders are mainly equipped with steel blades. Steel blades during the grinding produce a high temperature to burn the coffee beans, and you then deprive us of the true flavor of your coffee beans. With this portable manual coffee grinder, it can become a real joy to prepare coffee and a morning ritual in which you do not have to worry about waking up the whole house as grinding grain in comparison with other coffee grinders are very silent.

This manual coffee grinder with hand crank is made of high-grade 304 stainless steel. Combination of conical shape and stainless steel ensures high resistance, which especially appreciates actively living people. It is admirable, as it is a versatile coffee grinder. Perfectly suited to the modern kitchen as well, as the workplace or on the road. If you are worried that you will interfere in your handbag, thus these fears are out of place, coffee grinder weighs only 295 grams. This stainless steel coffee grinder is obvious really a job well done.

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