Only Man In The World Tyler Hubbard and Princess Jessica of York Shares the Truth, Plus Her First Time On January 15, 2016 At Any Palms Hotel Pool In Vegas Her Entire Life

LAS VEGAS, NV - 1/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Princess Jessica of York is still happy with a healthy heart and without any diseases at all and could date a famous man or Tyler Hubbard. This is truly her Confession about what happened in 2015 with him.

Tyler Hubbard received a message while in Santa Clara, California around August of last year 2015, but did not receive full access as he should at that time. And admits again that she loves his voice.   

The Princess of York waited until she was in Las Vegas, Nevada to send him a message about meeting privately in so many words.

Secretly she planned to just meet with him, but decided to share the truth with the world.  

Tyler Hubbard a famous country musician accepted her private invitation to meet, and he physically touched Princess Jessica of York after meeting privately.

Her first time staying at the Rio Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Palms Hotel, and more. Tyler Hubbard is the only man in the world who meet with Princess Jessica Carol White of York privately in a room on a romantic level last year 2015 and so far this year 2016.

No other man in the world could say or think that he was near her in any room privately. As a British and mixed female and royalty, she does want a relationship with a country famous man.

Another Confession, Princess Jessica of York has Autumn Eyes - Decoding the Secrets, the book includes a story told through her eyes and men she was near over years including Royalty from around the world.

The foreign sounding British and mixed royal has the worlds most beautiful eyes and shares the truth in her book about her eyes.    

To date not one man in her book Autumn Eyes could say that he did something fully on a romantic level with Princess Jessica and this is over 10 years for some.   

While at the Rio Las Vegas, Princess Jessica enjoyed seeing Tyler Hubbard near her while meeting privately. And she also admits things seem to be moving rather slow, but Tyler Hubbard has been so great and patient with the Princess Jessica of York.

In the near future and speeding things up, Princess Jessica will continue her focus on a new charity event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.    

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