New series of American Built Watches to Raise Funds for Charity!

1/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- The American watch brand Minuteman Watch Co. is proud to announce its new Independence series of wrist watches. This new series of watches was created in a response to requests for a smaller sized watch that would fit a wider range of wrists at a lower price point.

Chris Wiegand from Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC. designed the watch for Minuteman Watch Co. brand. Most will recognize Chris as being the owner of the watch brand Lum-Tec. In addition to designing the watch Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC will also be building the watch in their Mentor Ohio facility for Minuteman Watch Co.

25% of the profit from Minuteman Watch Co's net annual sales of  Minuteman products goes to charities assisting veterans & their Families. For 2016 that charity will be Fisher House. 

Here are the specifications for this new series of American built wrist watches:

In order to bring this new series to market. Minuteman Watch Co is pre-selling these new models at a discounted price. The watches are currently being pre-sold right now on the Minuteman Watch Co. brand site here.

About Minuteman Watch Co

Minuteman Watches was brought to life in 2013, for 3 reasons:
1. To raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families.
2. To provide work for Americans when and where we can.
3. To provide a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Minuteman Watch Co. is dedicated to producing the best watch with the best materials at its price point.

When you buy a Minuteman Watch, you are not just getting a fantastic and well built watch you can always rely on, but you are also helping support American Workers and US Veterans.

All of Minuteman watches are built by highly skilled American watchmakers in the United States of America. Minuteman has cut no corners to offer you a quality, reliable, and good looking watch you can be proud to wear.

Media Contact

Company Name: Minuteman
Name: Thomas Carey - Owner 
Phone: (815) 945-2009 
Email address:

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