The INVNT/IP Global Consortium releases  
Theft Nation: How IP Theft Drives the Chinese National Business Model, and Its Effect Upon the Global Economy.
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SEATTLE,WA - 1/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Since the early 2000’s, instances of intellectual property theft perpetrated against top innovators in the United States and abroad have drastically increased. Whether through traditional espionage or well-orchestrated cyber theft, attacks on the intellectual property (IP) of top firms have come to s risen to the limellight as a crucially important economic issue today.  Particularly notable is the high involvement of the government of the People’s Republic of China in such activities.

This pattern caught the attention of INVNT/IP (Inventing Nations vs. Nation-Sponsored Theft of IP), a privately funded Strategic News Service Global Consortium of companies and individuals that, which seeks to combat nation-sponsored theft of IP. After years of observation, research, and briefings of top officials and executives in the US, UK and Australia,, the organization began a project last year designed to put the problem in a broader context for those seeking to be informed themselves. 

“We saw the need for a comprehensive description of the Chinese economy,” said Evan Anderson, INVNT/IP’s Director of Research. “We believe that executives, and the broader public, need to know that this problem isn’t going away without the creation of serious economics costs the creation of serious consequences for the Chinese government.  This behavior is draining Inventing Nations of their lifeblood, IP, and if we don’t stop it, we risk the loss of innovation, and productivity, worldwide.”

The organization created a 92- page brief describing the Chinese national business model.  The report, fFeatured last Sunday, Jan. 17, on 60 Minutes, the report describes how China  steals IP, uses it to create new firms with virtually no nearly no R&D costs, and subsidizes those firms to globally dominate markets and competing firms globally.  After privately briefing top government officials at the White House, the Departmentt. of Justice, the NSA, theand FBI, and others on the subject, INVNT/IP has decided to release this criticale document for public sale and distribution.

“We want executives at the world’s top firms to be informed on this subject,” said Anderson. “If they don’t understand the problem, they will lose their firms, and that means loss of employment, wages, and innovation across the globe. The only people who stand to benefit from that are the Chinese.”

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The INVNT/IP Global Consortium, an SNS initiative, is a network of private firms and individuals that which seeks to reduce nation-sponsored intellectual property theft worldwide.


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