Erudeversity & QAEversity exceeds 50K students & 1 million views to be the Future of Global EdTech

1/20/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) --  Erudeversity & QAEversity have reached its 50K students milestone since its launch in early 2014. The company’s unique and pro-active delivery strategies helped it grow dramatically in 2015. Also, the platforms exceeded 1 million views in less than 1 year.

Over 50K students from 123 countries around the world have already engaged in interactive learning on these platforms and the popularity is increasing intensely day by day.

Organizations’ founder, Miandad Khan said in an interview, “We are overwhelmed by the response and popularity we got from around the world and it feels great to make a difference by benefitting one student at a time”

Erudeversity delivers EdTech in 4 languages with zero cost to the students. Khan mentioned that company’s QA platform, QAEversity is currently paid subscription-based and they are planning to make that free as well in near future which will motivate millions of more users to learn QA instead of paying thousands at traditional training centers!

Erudeversity & QAEversity will start to rule the market soon by launching its unique marketing and improvement strategies with additional investments. Top Venture capital firms including Lerer Ventures and Kiwi Tech have already shown interest in the company as the potential is high enough to bring early-stage advantage. It is probably not too far before Erudeversity & QAEversity stand near Lynda and Udemy.

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