ARTV Launches First New Original Television Docu-series for Artist titled ''The Review''

From city to city local established & emerging visual artist & street art professionals share their inspiring tales of the artist behind the artwork.

HOUSTON, TX - 2/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- ARTV presents a new grassroots series dedicated to capturing the journey of independent artists (paint, tattoo, film, photography, sculptor, and fashion) as they share some of their personal life struggles, victories, and hardships to achieve success. Against all odds these artist are defying the taboo title of a “starving artist”. Highlighting their artwork, we take a deeper glimpse into their lives, and get a better understanding of who they are.

The travel docu-series will kick off its first season in Houston, Texas highlighting tattoo, fashion and visual artist as well as some of Houston's galleries, studios and art districts.

"The Review aims to provide an alternative platform for exposure to urban independent artists".

ARTVs new docu-series travels city to city seeking some of the community’s most influential artists, while also highlighting popular destinations, art events and festivals. Each episode will consent of a variety of artist interviews, city highlights, themed event coverage, and some unique eateries.

The Review will premiere February 13th, 2016 & will be broadcasted locally via HMS
(Houston Media Source) reaching a potential 1 million cable subscribers with Comcast,
AT&T, Phonoscope& Sudden Link. The show will also stream live globally with online
web access.

The Review is produced for ARTV by Purple Monki Productions.

Media Contact: Aprill Renee

Company Name: ARTV Network
Name: ARTV
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