Why We Are Ill-Prepared to Fight Back: A Critical New Book on Technology, Security and Strategy

SILVER SPRING, MD - 10/20/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- While millions of Americans are aware that discord on the world’s stage brings many new and challenging security threats to the nation, few understand exactly what they are, just how aggressive they could be, and how their own Government is ill-prepared to fight back. Dr. Stephen Bryen has spent his entire career uncovering and consulting on these very threats, and his new volume makes their true reality available to the lay person.

‘Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy’ brings together an eclectic collection of works published by Bryen over the past four years, essays that will hopefully inspire national debate and help America regain the power it has so rapidly lost.

Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy” targets important questions including:

 Is the U.S. still a Great Power? 
• Will NATO and Europe fight? 
• Will Japan build its own nuclear weapons? 
• Why Iraq is a national security disaster? 
• After an Iran deal will there be a Saudi-Israeli alliance? 
• Why spying is out of control and how to fix cyber security?
• Sharing our defense budget with China

“The reality is that our country is listing power like a sinking ship and getting weaker by the day. The harder truth to swallow is that we have nothing to blame but our own national policies,” explains Dr. Bryen, who has served in a wealth of high-level Government positions.

Readers have come out in force with positive reviews. Kenneth Timmerman comments, “Steve Bryen should be declared a national resource. This short collection of his writings on national security and especially technology security are brimming with fresh ideas and insights - and they are always fun to read. From his analysis of Iran's capabilities to spy on its own people, to realistic warnings about Chinese spying against the U.S., he is strongest and most provocative when he looks at the intersection of technology and government. Sparks fly when you read this book!”

Juliana Geran Pilon adds, “A gem of a collection by the architect of America's export security policy during the Reagan years, brilliant cyber security expert, whose deep understanding of theoretical issues (a doctorate in political science didn't hurt) is equaled only by his business savvy. Each of these essays offers profound insights into the strategic challenges of our time - and they are well written, in an easy and clear style.”

‘Essays in Technology, Security and Strategy’ is on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1frOVmE.                                 

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