Warwick Analytics launch Voice of Customer automated analytics

LONDON, ENGLAND - 11/10/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Predictive analytics provider Warwick Analytics has launched a powerful analytics solution for Voice of Customer (VoC) data.

The new automated software, named CARE (Customer Automated Recommendation Engine), analyses a wide range of customer feedback such as CRM data, engineer logs, complaints, surveys, online reviews and social media comments. It automatically transforms and classifies all of this unstructured data into actionable insight and recommendations, all in real time.

The technology is a suite of advanced algorithms, created following a decade of academic research at Warwick University, which means there is no need to cleanse or sort data, or for domain-specific dictionaries or hypothesis.

The technology has been used by utility, transportation and service companies to gain insight from their unstructured customer data without needing a team of data scientists or analysts. In particular, they have been able to cluster disparate issues, generate predictive rules to prevent or promote events like engineer call outs, and proactively prevent customer churn.

Dan Somers, CEO at Warwick Analytics says: “Until now, VoC solutions have been a suite of tools requiring data scientists to construct ‘bottom-up’ models, or narrow point solutions such as sentiment analysis. There has been no other VoC solution which automatically extracts actionable insight such as how, when and/or why customers are using a product, the factors that are causing good or bad feeling, predictions of how a customer will act, and what are the areas to focus on. These are typically lost in the ‘fog’ of disparate textual and contextual information available.

“The big data revolution has meant that there are nuggets of customer data everywhere: CRM data, reviews, engineer logs, complaints, enquiries, surveys, social media etc. The ability to be able to harvest and analyse these to provide actionable insight is a holy grail for marketers and customer services executives.

“This is a huge leap forward in understanding and improving customer interaction as it happens.”

Warwick Analytics provides a range of predictive analytics, root cause analysis, information retrieval and automatic classification software.

For more information visit www.warwickanalytics.com.

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