Ventura IT Launches New Ventura Film Festival Website Design And Mobile App

10/21/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Ventura IT ( has launched the offical Ventura Film Festival web site. The Ventura Film Festival raises awareness for environmental issues like forest and ocean preservation and is the largest and most prestigious film festival in Ventura County. Filmmakers from more than 26 countries took part in the last Ventura Film Festival including Academy Award winner George Chakiris who starred in the critically aclaimed film West Side Story The West Side Story 50th Anniversary was held at the 2011 Ventura Film Festival and included awards, Q&A sessions, and was attended by the entire cast of the 1961 Academy Award winning film West Side Story.

Some of the features of the Ventura Film Festival web site include a new mobile app, video streaming, CMS, graphic design, web hosting, e-commerce, search engine optimization/SEO, logo design, database design, volunteer sign up forms, email marketing, and many more. The Ventura Film Festival also has a video portal and marketplace where filmmakers can upload their film for the enjoyment and purchase of film fans worldwide.  Filmmakers earn the majority of the revenue from their film sales.

About: Ventura IT is a full service IT company specializing in web development, web design, mobile application (mobile apps), e-commerce, search engine optimization/SEO, Internet marketing, web hosting, programming, web application, database design, graphic design, logo design, business consulting, email marketing, and other related IT and technical services.

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