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11/14/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Vantage Acceptance a Woodland Hills, California based debt consolidation company has just received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of greater Los Angeles, California. The companies debt relief and financial services has helped thousands of clients through the years and all of them have had great success when enrolling with Vantage Accpetances services.

They are on the American Fair Credit Councils website as a member in good standing and they have had great success through the years and that has led to 5 star reviews from very happy clients. Now the Better Business Bureau is recognizing them for their hard work and diligence when it comes to satisfying their clients. "Working with clients trying to resolve their debt and financial issues can be very tumultous but thanks to our persistance, honesty, and ethical business practices we excel where other debt companies have not succeeeded." According to Steven Wright a debt specialist the A+ rating from the BBB is a tough feat to accomplish and they are honored to be recognized by the agency.

The proprietary client credit repair flow works as follows. The client contacts vantage acceptance for credit repair help. Once their credit report is reviewed they speak with a consultant on which items they want to repair, fix, or dispute. They then challenge the negative items and work on getting them removed from their credit report. Thanks to great results they have recieved great reviews.

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Company Name: Vantage Acceptance - Woodland Hills, California
Name: Steve Wright
Phone: 1-800-792-5512
Mailing Address: 5950 Canoga Avenue, Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
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