US In A Quagmire; Carson Says We Can Win If Congress Will Declare War

Coming from a Muslim background, Obama is emotionally unable to see the reality of radical Islam or Islamic terrorism. Carson calls on Congress to declare war, a war we will win as foretold in the book of Daniel, but not before tragic consequences of WH indecision, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy.

PRESCOTT, AZ - 12/16/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- When the disciples pointed to the temple in Jerusalem, Christ said sadly that not one stone would be on another. Shocked, they thought he meant the end of the world and asked when it would be. His reply included an abomination spoken of by the prophet Daniel that they later understood to mean Rome's army “standing where it ought not.” They fled circa 66 AD and were spared when Titus returned.

Some of those stones at the Wailing Wall are still on each other, suggesting another end-time application. 2015 apocalyptic signs include:

If Christ's words are true, Jerusalem is in grave danger as its enemies are emboldened by an indecisive president incapable of sensing the danger when surrounded by Arabs with his religion of 'peace,' says Ruhling.

Ancient prophets were called 'seers' and in his 14th chapter, Zechariah saw “all nations” (Arab nations?) surrounding Jerusalem. The houses will be rifled, the women ravished. Half the city will go into captivity before “the Lord goes forth to fight” (probably a reference to the 8th chapter of Daniel where a Muslim ram is stomped by a goat flying from the west, explains Ruhling.

Why would we want this to happen to the only democracy in the Middle East—the only nation where it is safe to travel and the only nation struggling against such odds with a land area so small, they have almost no warning before they have to be in their bomb shelters. If we shrug off what's going to happen to them, we will get what we so richly deserve, opines Ruhling.

Paris and San Bernardino should not have happened were it not for immigration policies that allowed it. As Carson said, we should expect ISIS to infiltrate the refugees. And Obama is wanting 700,000 over the next five years? Are we crazy. The “overflow” of cultures foreign to us are also foreseen in the 40th verse of Daniel's 11th chapter “at the time of the end,” adds Ruhling.

Reflecting on Carson's appeal for Congress to declare war on those who have declared war on us, we owe it to Paris; we owe it to San Bernardino, and don't we owe it to Jerusalem? Sooner is better than later; we are already late with the loss of many lives and trillions of dollars, but will Congress get the message? Ruhling asks.

About the Author: Dr. Richard Ruhling's main focus in retirement is current events and Bible prophecy. His ebook, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code offers further insights on the book of Daniel and has mostly 5-star reviews. Readers can get a cheap copy on Amazon at They also offer a free*downloadable app for pc's for those who don't have a Kindle.

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