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CALIFORNIA - 12/7/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Reverse Mortgage United, a specialized network of approved HECM Reverse Lenders, has launched a new website, http://www.reversemortgageunited.com, aimed at assisting senior citizens of the age 62 or older with qualifying, applying, and benefiting from reverse mortgages.

This new website provides information on what a reverse mortgage is and how it can help you turn your property and the equity you’ve earned, into the money you deserve. The website contains a comprehensive listing of benefits supplied by these loans as well as a directory of how to apply for a reverse mortgage. Reverse Mortgage United has created this site as a way to fully inform and benefit the prospective borrower.

Reverse Mortgage United is maintaining its current focus within the state of California, and has plans to expand its coverage and provided services nationwide. Reverse mortgages most commonly arranged are Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), which does not require the borrower to pay back the loan until departure from that property as their primary residence. Other forms of the program include deferred payment loans, proprietary reverse mortgages, and property tax referral. These loans are intended for an individual’s primary residence that he or she owns, and has his or her name on the property. Amenities provided by acquiring a reverse mortgage range from receiving money over time owning property, having profits grow progressively as the homeowner ages, turning accumulated home equity into sustainable profit, and more. This loan serves as a structured retirement plan that can help the customer earn money from already owned assets, to live a life they can enjoy.

Loans provided by Reverse Mortgage United are intended for the purpose of helping individuals with receiving cash from their equity, and creating a foundation to better finance and live their lives. The company’s mission is to provide a quality service that is both convenient and economical to the customer, which may better their lives in the long run. Any inquiries or general concerns about reverse mortgages can be directed to Reverse Mortgage United’s main office at 1 (877) 933-1881 or email the owner at  jevon@reversemortgageunited.com. Visit our site to learn what all the buzz is about, and see if one of our structured loans is right for you.

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Company Name: Reverse Mortgage United 
Name: Jevon
Phone: (877) 933-1881
Email: jevon@reversemortgageunited.com
Website: http://www.reversemortgageunited.com/

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