Transforming Multilingual SEO to Meet 21st Century Digital Marketing Demands

12/7/2015 (PRESS RELEASE ) -- Tougher search engine optimization (SEO) regulations in various countries, challenges in mobile marketing and negative SEO are a few of the issues in the digital marketing world. Traditional SEO processes are often incapable of scaling up search engine optimization and handling the volume of businesses'  demands. The variety of data from multiple social media channels are important processes within multilingual digital marketing.

At the same time, older marketing strategy is often isolated and inflexible, unable to efficiently support "real time" online marketing demands and newer online sales models and frameworks.

Maria Johnsen, the multilingual seo expert who knows eighteen languages has developed new processes which secure a company's brand reputation, brand awareness, Google ranking and sales across various countries in Europe and North America. She has shared her success and secret strategies in her books such as: "The Surprising Truth About Sales", "Multilingual Digital Marketing" and "IT in Agricultural Value Chain" in English.

Johnsen has written her digital marketing strategies, especially SEO,  for local businesses in various niches in Germanophone and francophone countries in German and French languages.

Due to volume of demands from major player Russian and Ukrainian businesses, she revealed her blueprint in regards to sales and SEO strategies in her book in Russian language. She outlined and discussed  the effective digital marketing processes which are suitable for Eastern European countries. In her book she discussed how to run a whitehat SEO for Russian and Ukrainian business owners so that their websites will not get banned and sandboxed by Yandex. Her book in Russian will be available in 2016. 

 With several years of experience in political economy, information technology, Robotics and search engine programming under her belt, she has closed more than 6000 projects for small and major player businesses in Europe and North America.

 Maria Johnsen will share both successes and challenges in companies' ongoing transformation to a more agile, business intelligence architecture and branding. Johnsen has introduced readers to a Defined Digital Marketing Processes in an Organization's business intelligence system and infrastructure. She has also provided the new human resources strategies so that companies will be able to spot the right experts for the right job. This way companies save thousands of dollars in their annual budgets. 

"A well organized multilingual digital marketing campaign for a company incorporates the best of both worlds, for the right reasons, at the right time. A key recommendation is to segment SEO, mobile marketing and social media optimization processes to determine what tasks can be delivered cost effectively, efficiently, given the constraints of functionality, business and reputation security, audit and compliance. In contrast with what is presented at seminars and online articles, there is no one fits all solution in international SEO and multilingual digital marketing. These international SEO processes which some individuals presented at seminars and brag about, are unusable in practice. A company with multimillion dollar investment cannot and will not follow such naive claims.

The business world should be rocked by the digital marketing transformation in 21st century, and this will have a profound impact on the parts of an organization.  This transformation of applying the right and ethical strategies will support the business – most notably infrastructure and promotional campaigns within an organization which help augment sales and return on investment ( ROI). " says Maria Johnsen.

According to Johnsen, Multilingual SEO should be tasked with executing a bimodal strategy where it must deliver rock solid quality whitehat search engine optimization for today’s businesses marketing systems.

This will create new applications that are the lifeblood of today’s business results, while at the same time being prepared to quickly support systems of innovation and insight.

Emerging digital marketing processes could very well be the foundation of their business for years to come. Maria Johnsen's book "Multilingual Digital Marketing" the 4th edition" which will be released in 2016 will address the changes needed in business intelligence strategy, unique ranking methods (SEO processes) and the right technology to make this happen.

Johnsen provides multilingual seo services in Europe and North America. The services are the following:

About Maria Johnsen

Maria Johnsen holds a degree in political economy, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University,  Information technology and a Master of Science degree in Human, Computer Interaction/Computer Sciences from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Her professional background and education is diverse and includes skills in areas such as sales, multilingual digital marketing, content writing, business intelligence, software design and development. In addition, she possesses the experience and education in the management of complex Information Systems.

Maria knows eighteen languages and possesses experience in language instruction, tutoring, and translation. She has also developed a unique teaching method for fast learning " Implications for Upgrading Accelerated Learning Practices In Educational Systems" This method is applied in China and Norway.

Maria Johnsen is also a multilingual SEO, PPC and social media marketing expert. She managed software projects for well known IT companies and Bank in Norway, China, the UK as well as cooperation with governments and police authorities in regards to projects related to data crime and tracing terrorists online.

Starting in 2008, she began offering search engine optimization services. Her company Golden Way Media expanded internationally in 2009 carrying out various projects in Europe, North America and Asia. While offering services to the general public, Maria Johnsen continues to consult with corporate clients, agencies and small businesses. She has skills and proven records in all areas of search engine optimization including keyword targeting, competitor research, on-site optimization,

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