Transcripty Launches Cutting Edge User Experience for Audio Transcriptions

SANTA MONICA, CA - 6/23/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Transcripty, founded in 2014 in Santa Monica, Calif., is the leading audio transcription service in the United States. The audio transcription leader launches a modern user experience, revolutionizing the world of audio transcriptions.

Using the latest in HTML5 and interactive web technologies, the audio transcription service combines good ole high quality transcription professionals passionate about their work with cutting edge software architecture and expertise allowing a seamless check out process, timestamping, verbatim transcribing, rush delivery options and digital delivery straight to your inbox.

"We are really excited to provide a platform never before seen in the audio transcription industry. Our customers have been really pleased with the roll out. Our goal is to provide the absolute best transcription service and user experience, and I think we are on track to meet and exceed that expectation," announced the CEO of

The transcription service provides a rapid turnaround time of 48 hours at the competitive rate of only $1 per minute of audio, and they even provide rush 24 hour delivery.

About Transcripty

Transcripty is the leading audio transcription service in the United States. Transcripty has provided audio transcription for hundreds of businesses and organizations around the globe. Transcripty transcribes interviews, lectures, seminars, meetings, speeches, conference calls, webcasts, voicemails, podcasts, and more!

Media Contact
Company Name: Transcripty
Phone: (888) 738-3997
City: Santa Monica
State: CA

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