The Great Commercial Laundry Debate: Front-Loader Vs. Top-Loader Washing Machines

LOS ANGELES, CA - 11/18/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Commercial laundry equipment probably isn’t something that the average person thinks about on a day to day basis. However, for landlords and business owners all over America, it’s an entirely different story. Selecting the right laundry equipment for your apartment or hotel residents is a pretty crucial undertaking, part of this decision is determining whether or not you want to utilize a front- loading or top-loading washing machine. That’s where the great commercial laundry debate comes in.

Top or Front Loader Washers – which is better for commercial laundry?
The Front-Loader versus Top-Loader debate is one of those arguments that has raged on in the laundry equipment industry for years. Some consumers claim that top-loaders are power-draining, water guzzling relics – whereas others will tell you that front-loaders are overpriced, ineffective cleaning machines.  However, a simple examination of the facts shows that front-loading washing machines are far more effective laundry equipment solutions for multi-family laundry rooms.

Front Loading Washer Benefits
As a business owner, your customer or resident’s user experience of the facilities needs to be a top priority. In comparison to their top-loading counterparts, front loading washers offer the most functional and efficient laundry solution for customers. These washing machines have custom cycle options that allow for better stain removal and cleaning, such as a steam cycle. The front-loading design means that these washing machines are easily stackable. Since these machines take up less space, they allow business owners to have more units without the apartment laundry room getting too crowded.

While top-loading washers are a little less complicated to use and have a shorter wash cycle, the clean is less effective. While they are certainly lower priced than some front-loading washing machines- top-loading washers use more water, take up more space, wash less clothes and offer no custom cycle options.  Front-Loading washing machines use less water, while still being able to clean larger loads. Naturally, this is better for apartment complexes, hotels and other multi-family residences as well as the environment.

Golden State Laundry Systems, a commercial laundry equipment provider based out of Southern California, agrees with this verdict.
“When you’re running a multi-family laundry room, convenience and user experience is key. Front loading washers and dryers can take bigger loads, offer more custom cycle options and are better at stain removal. For multi-family housing, front-loading machines are the way to go.”

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