The Best Kitten Food of 2015

Pet Food Society

MILL CREEK, WA (July 30, 2015) - Pet Food Society's annual review of cat food formulas has returned the top kitten food choices of the year

The online consortium of pet food advocates and consumers scrutinizes dog and cat food manufacturing processes, ingredient lists, recall histories and consumer feedback to provide honest to goodness reviews and ratings of a wide range of pet food brands, formulas and recipes.

This years list of the best kitten food is the inaugural presentation of high-quality kibble and canned food options for adolescent cats. 

“We're excited to present the top 3 dry and top 3 wet kitten foods for consideration this year,” said Tim Seidler, founder of “No lists like this exist and it will be interesting to see how the pet food manufacturers and kitten food offerings adapt over the course of the next 12 months.” 

According to Seidler, the list is based solely on the quality and nutrition of the food and other factors such as price and availability don't play a role.

1. Ingredients
It's no surprise that the most important factor in determining a good kitten food are the nutrients that go into it. We've analyzed the items listed on the label to determine if they're top-of-the line offerings.

2. Recall History
Salmonella outbreaks, faulty packaging or any number of other factors can lead to a kitten food callback. If a brand has had trouble in the past it's more likely to have trouble in the future. We review the brand reputation behind the products we recommend.

3. Consumer Feedback
Pet owners are passionate and they're happy to voice their opinion, good or bad, on the pet food products they're feeding their furry friends. We've got our ear to the ground and are listening to what the collective voice is saying about any given food.

"We're doing our best to provide honest and transparent information to consumers about pet food manufacturing and best practices that benefit the health and well being of their animals," said Seidler. 

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