SharpChef Launches New 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

SEATTLE, WA - 10/28/15 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Universal Smart Solutions, makers of DIY and kitchen tools, announced today that it is launching a new product, the SharpChef-KS, 3-Stage Knife Sharpener.  The SharpChef-KS is designed to enable home cooks and chefs to sharpen steel and ceramic knives, quickly. 

With 5 strokes, SharpChef-KS has been proven to create a razor-sharp edge on virtually any kind of kitchen knife.

“You know, when recipes call for something to be ‘diced,’ they do not mean ‘mushed,’” said Gus Hess, CEO of Universal Smart Solutions. “Don't you hate it when you’re all fired up to cook something great and you’re stuck with a dull knife – a situation that is dangerous as well as ineffective. That’s the problem we’re solving with the SharpChef-KS.”

SharpChef-KS is made from premium cutting materials, including Tungsten alloy, ceramic and diamond electroplated steel.  The Tungsten alloy provides a coarse surface for heavy duty sharpening.  The ceramic surface is suited for fine honing. The diamond electroplated steel is intended for ceramic knives. Suggested uses for SharpChef-KS include sharpening kitchen knives, butchers knives, chopping knives, meat cleavers and chefs’ knives.  The device is also suitable for pocket knives, combat knives, fishing knives, military knives and hunting knives.

The sharpener was designed for safe use. “Unfortunately, a lot of people hurt themselves with sub-standard knife sharpeners,” Hess added. “We’ve worked very hard on a design that’s both comfortable and safe.”  SharpChef-KS looks somewhat like a wrench, with a “hand-shake” style handle giving the user a very strong grip on the three sharpening slots that emerge from the end of the device.  Rubberized feet further stabilize the SharpChef-KS for user safety.  SharpChef is impact-resistant. 

Universal Smart Solutions has a limited supply of SharpChef-KS’s on hand from the initial production run.  It is available for purchase at

The sharpener comes with a no-risk two-year guarantee.

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