SharpChef Introduce New Website and Facebook Page

Showcasing Tips and Tricks for new Triple-action Knife Sharpener; For Ceramic and Steel Blades

11/20/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Universal Smart Solutions, a maker of kitchen and bathroom products, announced today that it has launched a new Website and Facebook page for its new SharpChef 3-Stage Knife Sharpener.  The Website and Facebook pages offer usage tips and recommended knife-sharpening practices for both professional and amateur chefs.

“Believe it or not, most kitchen accidents happen when blunt blades slip away from the cutting line towards the chefs fingers”; said Gus Hess, CEO of Universal Smart Solutions. “We thought we would give our Facebook visitors the very best information on how to enjoy super sharp knives in their kitchens at all times.  And of course, you can order the SharpChef on the site as well.”

The Website and Facebook page contain dozens of tips on how often to sharpen knives.  They also offer guidance on how to be as efficient as possible when cutting an array of commonly used kitchen ingredients. 

Safety was a key factor in designing the SharpChef KS.  A “hand-shake” style grip provides the user with a secure grasp on the three sharpening slots that emerge from the end of the device.  Rubberized feet further stabilize the SharpChef KS for user safety.  The SharpChef KS is impact-resistant. 

The SharpChef KS is designed to allow cooks to quickly sharpen steel and ceramic knives.  The SharpChef has been proven to create a razor-sharp edge on virtually any kind of kitchen knife in just five strokes.  The device uses premium abrassive materials, including Tungsten alloy, Zirconium ceramic and Diamond electroplated steel.  The Tungsten slot provides a coarse surface for heavy duty sharpening.  The ceramic surface is suited for fine honing of blades.  Whereas the electroplated diamond is solely intended for ceramic knives - the only abrassive tough enough to sharpen ceramic.

Suggested uses for SharpChef include sharpening kitchen knives, butchers knives, chopping knives, meat cleavers and chefs’ knives.  However the device is also suitable for pocket knives, combat knives, fishing knives, military knives and hunting knives.

Universal Smart Solutions has a limited supply of SharpChef KS’s on hand from the initial production run.  It is available for purchase at  The sharpener comes with a no-risk two-year guarantee and free gift.

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