SharpChef Announces Free Gift with Purchase of New 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

--  Free Knife and Blade Guard; Limited Quantities Available; For Ceramic and Steel Blades --

SEATTLE, WA - 11/2/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Universal Smart Solutions, a maker of DIY kitchen tools, announced today that it is now offering a free gift with the purchase of its popular SharpChef 3-Stage Knife Sharpener.  Buyers of the SharpChef KS will receive a 7.5" Kitchen knife, complete with blade guard. The SharpChef KS is designed to enable cooks to quickly sharpen steel and ceramic knives.  The SharpChef KS has been proven to create a razor-sharp edge on virtually any kind of kitchen knife with just five strokes.

“We thought we would reward our customers with a brand new addition to their kitchen, which they will be able to keep super sharp,’” said Gus Hess, CEO of Universal Smart Solutions. “It’s our way of saying thank you for your business.”

The SharpChef KS sharpener is made from premium cutting materials. A sharpening slot made of Tungsten Carbide Alloy provides a coarse surface for heavy duty sharpening.  A Zirconium Ceramic slot is suited for fine honing. Whereas the Diamond Electroplated Steel is exclusively used for ceramic knives. Suggested uses for the SharpChef KS include sharpening kitchen knives, butchers knives, chopping knives, meat cleavers and chefs’ knives.  The device is also perfectly suited to pocket knives, combat knives, fishing knives, military knives and hunting knives.

The sharpener was designed for reliably safe use. The SharpChef KS looks somewhat like a wrench, with a “hand-shake” style handle giving the user a very strong grip on the three sharpening slots that are built in to the device.  Rubberized feet further stabilize the SharpChef KS for user safety.  SharpChef is highly impact-resistant. 

Universal Smart Solutions has a limited supply of SharpChef KS’s on hand from the initial production run.  It is available for purchase at

The sharpener comes with a no-risk 2-year guarantee.

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