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12/12/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Many companies are not aware of the power of online marketing and search engine optimization. Today we came across a modest Norwegian search engine optimization company in Norway. Most entrepreneurs know the competiveness of businesses in various niches online. SEO companies do anything in their power to get the number one spot for their businesses in Google and the other search engines. They do various tricks from negative SEO to compromising their competitors' positioning by buying links, sending reports to Google and accusing them of link buying scheme. As a result Googlers ban the target website which is accused of link buying. However this press release is not about Google algorithm changes or negative SEO.  While other companies are fighting to gain the first positioning online for their businesses, SEO Norway has been promoting unemployed and nonprofit organizations free of charge.

"We have been helping and advertising for nonprofit organizations in our channels since 2011. In contrast with many SEO and search marketing companies, we run campaigns for those in need to get maximum exposure online. Through our hard work many small businesses were able to find investors in Europe and North America. Although our goal is to increase sales for seo Norway and our clients, but we have also helped individuals to get their dream job or find investors for their cause within the realm of healthcare. For example lately we got help for a nonprofit organization in Chicago, USA.We also helped an unemployed talented person to land a dream job in Toronto Canada." says Maria Johnsen

Many companies are not aware of the power of SEO and social media marketing. The majority of these nonprofit companies within healthcare lack of investment and need financial support. This is why SEO Norwayexperts are ready to give them a helping hand in order to succeed in their online marketing goal.

The majority of nonprofit  organizations search for better online visibility. They do not have financial ability to pay for Google Adwords PPC and the other forms of  paid search marketing . As soon as their budget gets exhausted, their websites won't show up on search engines. This is why the best choice for these companies is to use SEO for increasing their online presence. SEO Norway belongs to Golden Way Media Norwegian media company. These socal media marketing experts promote nonprofit organizations free of charge in Nordic languages.  SEO Norway encourages companies and investors to assist nonprofit websites who fight for great causes.

About the company is a Norwegian search engine optimization company. They have been working on various niches and promoting companies online since 2011. These experts are specialized in SEO, content marketing in Nordic languages, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Social media marketing in Norwegian and the other Scandinavian languages.

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