SEI Club, Dating and Matchmaking Club, Screens for “Golden Rule” To Ensure Highest Quality Members

Sophisticated screening ensures members are able to find the right partner by only admitting the highest quality singles into the elite dating club.

NEW YORK, NY - 12/2/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- SEI Club, the exclusive, high-caliber dating agency, only accepts the most successful, accomplished applicants, but also screens its members for how well they follow the “Golden Rule”—treating others as they wish to be treated.

Every applicant goes through a screening process where they meet personally with a member of the SEI Club executive team. A series of professionally designed questions shed some light on an applicant’s potential set of morals, ethics and values...this helps in matchmaking as well as determining someone’s suitability to participate.

“We want to ensure that all of our members are able to find a compatible romantic partner,” the spokesperson said. “We meet with all applicants in person and always do our best to determine if they follow the Golden Rule (treat other people as you would wish to be treated). This helps when we’re putting our members into relationships with each other. We want to ensure that every member is capable of being in a fulfilling relationship, and screening for the Golden Rule helps us evaluate their potential.”

SEI Club screening also establishes an applicant’s dating and relationship preferences, sophistication, education level, financial success and other important criteria. Due to the high compatibility of members, SEI Club reviews share loads of positive feedback for SEI Club.

In all, less than 35 percent of applicants are accepted. As the article here mentions, SEIClub membership fees for the service start at $1,200 for a basic membership and go as high as $1,000,000 and higher for an unlimited private membership. And to ensure its members are actually looking to date or form romantic relationships, only single men and women are accepted.

SEI Club, which has executives who have been working closely with the ultra-elite for more than 14 years, has a strong record of success, with previous clients including Forbes billionaires, CEOs, nobility, hedge fund managers and celebrities. The services executive team not only interviews potential members, but also works to ensure their privacy. The service even arranges dates for its members, leaving them free to truly enjoy themselves.

Press about mentions that the club has a strong international presence in the US and Europe, and has now expanded to Asia. “We serve the most professionally, intellectually, and financially elite social circles in the entire world,” an SEI Club spokesman said. “Our members are accustomed to excellence, and that includes their love lives. Being selective means that our members can be confident that their matches are drawn from the same pool of accomplished professionals that they come from.”

More information, including an application for membership, is available at the SEI Club website.

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