Purchase Green Artificial Grass Cheers Passage of AB 1164

Gov. Brown signing Assembly Bill 1164 is great news for all Californians and for the environment.

SACRAMENTO, CA - 10/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Today history was made in California when Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1164 into law. The new law prohibits cities and counties from enacting or enforcing any ordinance or regulation that prohibits the installation of drought tolerant landscaping, synthetic grass, or artificial turf on residential property.

“We at Purchase Green Artificial Grass would like to thank Gov. Brown for signing AB 1164,” said Purchase Green Co-Founder Nick Vena. “The Governor, as well as Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who authored the bill, are to be commended for protecting the rights of individual homeowners and for defending our state’s precious water.”

California, still mired in the grips of a historically oppressive drought, faces uncertain water prospects as what is usually the rainy season approaches. While most climate experts anticipate the return of El Nino – and with it more rain – no one expects a single winter of above-average precipitation to end the drought. And while the likelihood of a wet winter is high, some worry the rain may drench southern California will missing the state’s key water storage facilities farther north.

Such uncertainty is why the signing of AB 1164 into law is so important. It gives homeowners another tool to do their part to combat drought without fear of municipal retribution. Today, Gov. Brown and the state legislature have acted in the best interest of all Californians and that of the environment.

“Californians are better off today than they were yesterday,” said Vena. “With Gov. Brown’s signature, each of us has been empowered to save more water and fight the drought. And, as an added bonus, we can now all now enjoy beautiful, lush green lawns all year long.”  

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