Profile Defenders Lawsuit Removal Service Takes Down Defamatory Webpages

11/14/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- A removal service that deletes or erases slanderous material from the internet has arrived. A defamation removal law firm and online reputation management company combine. Profile Defenders Lawsuit Removal service honors a guarantee to take down and defamatory or unwanted webpages from search results as long as they meet specific criteria. A guarantee is priced in and year to date out of 375 cases only 1 has not been successful.

The future of online reputation management is moving into permanent removals. As the best online reputation management company thanks to the highest success rate int he industry Profile Defenders decided that the best future move for their clients was to go beyond just traditional suppression work of pushing down unwanted search results in favor of good ones. 

Each case is unique. In some cases we are able to work with the registrar and webmaster to get the page taken down or text redacted. In other cases we have to use a court order to have the webpage removed from Bing, Yahoo, and Googles search results. 

Jordan a reputation analyst stated that "While we are still the best for suppression we wanted to go above & beyond what our clients wants and needs are and that involved completely removing and getting rid of search results. Most clients are astonished with the end result. Just yesterday we had a client who said he had used 4 other reputation companies and did not think it was possible and he is glad that profile defenders proved him wrong and doing the impossible."  The most common site that we have been able to remove has been Being the only company that can currently guarantee removals from there has been a boom to our business. While the pricing is not cheap you are certainly paying for what you get. 

The Profile Defenders lawsuit removal service is now available and pricing starts at $6,000. Each and every case is crafted and solved based on the current search results that are affecting the client. Legal services provided by the profile defenders team and in house council have proven to be successful. The most popular clients so far have been C level executives and CEO's of fortune 1000 companies, attorneys, businessesmen, and corporations who typically receive a lot of negative press and had no way to get rid of it prior to offerings

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