Private sightseeing tours in Berlin and Potsdam: Surprisingly enthusiastic response by American visitors to the new service DriverGuides Berlin

BERLIN, GERMANY - 1/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- DriverGuides Berlin announced today that it is very pleased with the positive response by American customers in its first season on the market. Launched in April 2015, a website created and run by experienced Berlin guides offers discerning customers a range of private sightseeing tours in Berlin and its surroundings. The key innovation is enabling a direct communication between the guide and the customer prior to the tour. DriverGuides Berlin sees this innovation, along with competitive pricing, made possible by direct customer – service provider contracting, at the root of its success.

What is special about the concept?  There are two different ways to make a tour happen. One approach is to go to the guides’ page. A click on an image in the gallery leads to a personal statement and a full display of the services offered by the particular guide. The alternative approach to select a tour first and then select one of the guides listed on each tour description page. A click on the image takes you to the guide’s profile and, most important in the concept, a click on the contact button gives you direct access to the guide. This is unique in an industry, where typically the first contact with the guide booked is at the pick-up point at the beginning of the tour. A third option is to simply provide the relevant information to the general contact address on the website. The customer is then presented with a personalized offer.

Customers can choose from a wide variety in both the kind of tour and the topic. For vehicle based tours a selection of executive sedans, minivans, special cars and VIP coaches are on offer. DriverGuides Berlin collaborates with leading Berlin passenger transportation companies to ensure the highest standards. Guides on DriverGuides Berlin also offer tour types such as walking, bicycle and boat tours as well as step-on guide services. Topics for Berlin tours are many. It is vast city that takes time to discover. Overview tours range from 3 to 8 hours. Specific tours cover interesting aspects in more detail. Special tour offers include “World War II, the Cold War and The Wall”, “Architectural Highlights” and “Jewish Berlin”. Prior contact to the guide chosen allows for an even further selection of tour specifics, if need be. Berlin is also an ideal starting point for excursions to Dresden, city of the Saxon kings, Wittenberg, where Martin Luther started Reformation, Potsdam, summer abode of Prussian kings, Dessau, home of the Bauhaus movement and Sachsenhausen, the former Concentration Camp just north of Berlin. During a prolonged stay in the area, tours can be combined. Some of the guides offer tours to neighbouring countries such as the Czech Republic, so that a visit to Prague, for example, can also be arranged.

“We’re finding that more and more internet savvy travellers are taking pleasure in putting together their own itineraries and planning their trip more or less on their own.” says Lars Jokubeit, member of DriverGuides Berlin. “A number of high end travellers seem to enjoy booking directly on the internet, be it because of the choice offered, be it because of the enhanced value for money. We have decided on a small platform that enables direct contact between the customer and the actual service provider, i.e. the guide. The concept is proving to be a success!”

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DriverGuides Berlin Berlin is an association of experienced guides in Berlin, Germany. They have created a website DriverGuides.Berlin addressing customers in the world at large who expect superior service. Private sightseeing tours can be booked on superb vehicles of various kinds, as well as on boats and bicycles or as walking tours. DriverGuides Berlin offers private sightseeing tours in Berlin, Potsdam and to other nearby destinations such as Dresden and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Baltic Sea Cruise shore excursions from the Baltic ports of Warnemünde and Rostock to Berlin can also be booked via the site.

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