Princess of York Jessica on Christmas and New Years; And Tyler Hubbard Plus More

LAS VEGAS, NV - 1/5/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Last year was a great year for Princess Jessica of York and Christmas plus New Years Eve and more.

Princess Jessica invited relatives to join her at the Rio Las Vegas for breakfast around Christmas weekend.

Her Uncle Prosper Williams and his wife could not attend the gathering. As a little Princess growing up, she knew about her affluent family after hearing something her Uncle Prosper said to his wife. Princess Jessica invited them to join her again at the Rio Las Vegas this month for breakfast on January 17th.

And in Santa Clara, Princess Jessica and Tyler Hubbard were both around the same place at the same time.

Princess Jessica of York has only given Tyler Hubbard full access to her at certain places in Las Vegas and thus far the only man this year and last year.  

Tyler Hubbard is a patient smart good man and a famous country musician and just like Florida Georgia Line - Anything Goes.   

She experienced more first times last year staying at the Rio Las Vegas and Caesars Palace Las Vegas around Christmas on December 24th.

Another first will be on January 14, 2016 at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas for her.

Two more recent first times are Paris in Vegas walking through a great lounge and bar and Alibi at the Aria Las Vegas lounge and bar.

Princess Jessica is one of the most loyal females in this entire world today with one man in over 8 years, but not all with him.

The British and mixed royal in England and Princess of York Jessica did not fully select a boyfriend yet.

And her selection for a boyfriend is country man and someone she would rather talk to first and share more words with and mainly directly.     

For New Years Eve, Princess Jessica Carol White who is Jessica Carol White and Jessica Carol Kaywood Williams White decided to listen to music at Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where a member of Fall Out Boy performed live.

She decided to take photographs of the fireworks and video outside at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas.  

Her Royal Highness family from England has been around for a long time in England and will be around for Centuries to come.  

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